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David Green membership form

Membership Forms & Correspondence

Below is a table of membership records that we can publish at this time with regards to the Data Protection Act.  Unfortunately a large number of membership forms are believed to have been destroyed prior to 2012 and therefore only around 300 forms have survived from several thousand members who joined from 1984 onwards.  Members can access the membership forms in the member's area of the website which include more details and photographs.

Membership Number Name Connection with the Spitfire
1 David Green Spitfire pilot and founder of the Society
71 R. Andrews Spitfire groundcrew
73 Kenneth Askin Rutherford Spitfire pilot
80 John Edward Cockerton Spitfire manufacturing inspector
83 Richard Lewis Creedon Spitfire designer
117 Edith Baldwin Clerk with Vickers-Supermarine
206 John F. Notman Spitfire pilot
212 Stanley Richard Cox Spitfire instrument maker
231 Robert Wardlow Oxspring Spitfire pilot
237 Percy Belgrave Lucas Spitfire pilot
259 Bertram Wallace Chapman Spitfire designer
345 Victor Louis Benson Spitfire groundcrew
367 John Stuart Anderson Spitfire pilot
562 Roy Charles James Baldock Spitfire groundcrew with Vickers-Supermarine and RAF
563 Jean E. Baldock Spitfire rate fixing clerk with Vickers-Supermarine
663 Dennis Leslie Bird Friend of Spitfire pilot
719 Cyril Jack Amey Spitfire groundcrew
737 James Carmichael Spitfire chartered engineer with Vickers-Supermarine
1040 Colin Falkland Gray Spitfire pilot
1103 Alan Newall Clifton Spitfire designer
1267 Albert Ernest Cavill Spitfire groundcrew
1295 Russell Max Baerlein Spitfire pilot
1314 Royston George Badham Friend of Spitfire pilot
1399 Kenneth Archer Spitfire pilot
1520 Donald Alexander Spitfire groundcrew
1545 Lionel William Cooper Spitfire groundcrew
1578 Brian Peter Clarke Spitfire groundcrew
1853 Neville J. Barter Spitfire engineer and designer with Vickers-Supermarine
2031 Charles Clement Jones Spitfire pilot
2225 Ronald Herbert Algar Seafire rescue party and family member of Seafire groundcrew
2243 Leslie Harry James Cole Spitfire maintenance electrician and armaments engineer with Vickers-Supermarine
2249 Sydney Casper Collins Adjutant on Malta during the Second World War
2474 Peter Francis Churchill Spitfire electrical installation with Vickers-Supermarine
2483 James Hartley Spitfire pilot
2513 William Bath Family of a Spitfire groundcrew member
2697 Alan Oates Spitfire pilot
2708 Leslie Henry Gordon Castle Spitfire groundcrew
2738 Sally Cowan Family of a Spitfire pilot
2817 James John Lovelock Spitfire pilot
2828 Archibald Lyttle Winskill Spitfire pilot
2829 J.R. Grodzinski Family of a Spitfire pilot
2837 Audrey Eileen Morgan Spitfire groundcrew
2893 Kenneth Charles Weller Spitfire pilot
2895 Fred James Sinclair Spitfire pilot
2912 Robert Haynes Powell Spitfire pilot
2939 Frank L. Hamblin Spitfire factory worker with Vickers-Supermarine and RAF groundcrew
2958 James Henry Callan Spitfire pilot
2963 Raymond Wallace Smith Spitfire pilot
2966 John Anthony Dye Seafire pilot
2975 David William Morgan Spitfire test pilot with Vickers-Supermarine
3476 Maud Joy Clements WAAF driver at RAF Biggin Hill
4168 Eric Ayto Spitfire groundcrew
10180 Ernest Reginald Baldwin Spitfire factory worker with Vickers-Supermarine
10255 Ron Bennett Seafire pilot
10256 Edward Angel Spitfire metal worker with Vickers-Supermarine
10561 Robert Andrews Family of a Spitfire pilot
10563 Brian Bird Spitfire pilot
10829 Jeanney Scott-Horn Family of a Spitfire pilot
  Peter Malam Brothers Spitfire pilot
  Harry N. Gardiner Seafire pilot
  Stanley Smith Spitfire groundcrew
  Geoffrey Robert Veale Spitfire groundcrew
  W. Walker Member of 72 Squadron