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41(F) Squadron

70th Anniversary Reunion file compiled by Mr Anthony C. White, 1986-1991.  Includes images of Spitfire XII, Spitfire XIV, Squadron Leader Dave Bagshaw, names of pilots on 3 September 1939, radio control Spitfire, copy of movement card for MB794, Squadron Leader R.W. Wallens book, RAF Abingdon postcard Jaguar GR1a, newspaper cuttings, castle, RAF Coltishall, reunion attendees, history of 41(F) Squadron 1916-1983, reunion badge, correspondence, list of attendees, maps, plan of RAF Coltishall and forms, mid air collision between Tornado and Jaguar 1987, Recognition Competition 1986, Spitfire I, Squadron and Reunion group photographs and Spitfire IIa. Spitfire XIX, grave of Ronald Harrison and Spitfire IIa. 

75th Anniversary Reunion file compiled by Mr Anthony C. White, 1991.  Includes images of Spitfire XII, Jaguar GR1a, newspaper cuttings, castle, RAF Coltishall, reunion attendees, history of 41(F) Squadron 1916-1983, reunion badge, correspondence, list of attendees, maps, plan of RAF Coltishall and forms, Service of Thanksgiving to Commemorative the 75th Anniversary of 41 (Fighter) Squadron at Parish Church of All Saints Scottow 25 August 1991, Spitfire XIV, 41(F) Squadron Operation Granby and Desert Storm literature and badges and Spitfire IIa. 

File of correspondence, photographs, articlez and research into 41(F) Squadron and reunions held, 1980s-1990s.

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Photograph album of Battle of Britain Memorial Flight aircraft during servicing, Jan-Mar 1983.

Early Spitfires

Photograph album of early Spitfires compiled by Dr M. Synek.

Supermarine Walrus crash

File of research on the history of the Supermarine Walrus K8556 crash in Southampton on 12 December 1939 compiled by Anthony C. White, 1980s.

The Spitfire Society & A.C. White

File compiled by Anthony Clifford White regarding The Spitfire Society and his membership, 1980s.  The founding of The Spitfire Society flyer 1984, Associated Membership form and certificate for Anthony Clifford White, newspaper cuttings, Spitfire Vb, Spitfire XII, Hurricane IIc, Middle Wallop International Airshow, Spitfire PR1G, Battle of Britain film, Spitfire IX, Air Marshal Sir Humphrey Edwardes Jones and The Spitfire Society accounts 1985.

Spitfire K5054

Photograph album of images relating to K5054, 1980s.

Event Display Images

A file of display images including captions, postcards and photographs, 1980s-1990s.  Subjects include Spitfire Mks K5054, I (cockpit), IIa, VIII, IX (including cockpit), XI, XIV, XVI, XVII (cockpit), XVIII, XIX; Supermarine B12/36, S4 and S5; Old Warden; Percy Prune cartoons; Seafire 47; Spitfire model trophy; Southampton Ocean Village and Marina; Spitfire I cutaway poster; Overlord Embroidery; British Rail class 33021 Eastleigh locomotive; Handley Page Hastings and Certificate 332/975 for print of The First Flight of the Spitfire by Jim Mitchell.

Periodical Articles & Personal Collection

Periodical articles include the following subjects: Spitfire Mks IIb, Vb, VIII, IX, XIV, XVIII, 21, 22, 23, 24; Luftwaffe pilot experiences; Supermarine Walrus, Stranraer, Seafire, Southampton, Singapore, Seagull, Sea Otter; Clive Du Cros Spitfire Prototype Replica; MH434; pilot experiences; remote cantrolled sea launches; Peter Cooke Spitfire models; Spitfire Camouflage & Airframe Modifications 1938-1940; 548, 549, 615 Squadrons; Rangoon Spitfire exhibition; Battle of Britain 1969 film; Australian Spitfires; Neil Williams; Spitfire decoys; TDL Spitfire replicas; Old Flying Machine Company; cutaway and history of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine; TB752; Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve's Northern Air Division; TD248; MK732; Tony Lovell; Alan Clifton; Air Commodore C.B. (Cyclops) Brown; RW382; Audley End; Battle of Britain; Battle of Imphal Valley; NH799; Aeronautical Inspection Directorate; W3632; MJ627; high speed dives at the Royal Aircraft Eztablishment; EN409; PL827; Vickers Vincent; Wing Commander Tom Neil; R.E. Willson; MT719; RM797; PM630; TZ138; VP441; Schneider Trophy; AB910; PL983; P8727; MJ772; MT818; TZ138; SX137; PS915; BL628; R6915; photo reconnaissance; Captain George Baldwin; captured Spitfires; W5518; Captain Vic Hodgkinson; Royal Auxiliary Air Force; PK329; RAF Reception Depot; HMS Courageous; ML417; Spitfire production; cutaway Spitfire; Rolls-Royce Griffon; Malta; Air Transport Auxillary; Canadian War Museum; Membury; 67th Reconnaissance Group; HMS Glory; PR362; Thunder Wings and War Aircraft Replicas Spitfire replicas; 2015 Airshow Calendar; Spitfire family tree; MK356;Cavalier Mk. 2/67-22580; Nick Grace; ML407; Avspec restoration of Spitfires in New Zealand; BL628; paintings of Claude Waller; Calshot; MV370; JF319; Wing Commander Jack Meadows; paintings of Philip West; TP280; Society K5054 replica; TP298; TP280; P7350; PL965; BS359; PL983; BL370; Daily Express D-Day supplement; The Daily Telegraph D-Day supplement; Royal Aeronautical Society commemorative package for The Schneider Trophy Contest 1981; Spitfire newspaper published by Portsmouth and Sunderland Newspapers 1986, Trowbridge, Woolston, Harold Carey, Eastleigh, paintings by Jim Mitchell and William Bishop,R.J. Mitchell, Gordon Mitchell, Schneider Trophy, K2890, K5054, MH434, Spitfire Fund; Flight to Glory newspaper published by Western Daily Press 1998; 222 (Natal) Squadron badge and signed; Mr G. Norris Collection containing Spitfire serial number ranges, Vickers-Armstrongs Limited South Marston Works apprentices prize-giving and annual dinner 1952, Vickers-Armstrongs Limited Supermarine design staff annual dinner 1951 dinner and menu, Vickers-Armstrongs Limited Supermarine Works apprentices' annual social and dance 1948 at Polygon Hotel Southampton, Vickers-Armstrongs Limited Supermarine Works staff regulations 1952, Vickers-Armstrongs Limited Supermarine Works rules 1947, Vickers-Armstrongs Limited memo to Mr G.D. Norris confirming him as Draughtsman 1947, Torbay Aircraft Museum Spitfire postcard, Spiteful RB515 postcard, Supermarine Drawing Office Itchen Works dinner 1952 and 1953 programmes and menus, 1st Production Drawing Office dinner menu undated, 4th South Marston Drawing Office dinner 1955 programme, photographs and positives of Avro Ashton, Supermarine Attackers, Blackburn Beverley, Supermarine 505 and 508, de Havilland Vampire and Venom, Avro 707b and Vulcan, Supermarine Swift, Supermarine Seagull, de Havilland Sea Vixen, Westland Wyvern, Hawker Hunter, Vickers Valiant, Hawker P1081, Boulton Paul P111, Bristol Brabazon, abandoned Spitfire at South Marston, Short SB5, Supermarine S.6A N248wreckage of Sea Vixen at Farnborough and Short Seamew.