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The Battle Of Britain: Hitler's First Bloody Nose by Ron Powell

Author : Treasurer
Date : 07/05/2020 06:22

The Battle Of Britain: Hitler's First Bloody Nose by Ron Powell

Retired RAF pilot and Society member, Ron Powell, is keen to let you know about his new illustrated book, The Battle of Britain - Hitler's First Bloody Nose, available as an ebook or paperback through this link to Amazon.

Ron says, 'In the run up to the 80th anniversary of the Battle, I've tried to produce a brief, coherent and highly readable narrative supported by plenty of embedded images. Within it, I pay tribute to all those who contributed to victory, although my major focus is on the pilots, some well known, others unheralded; including the inspiration for much of my life and writing, Pilot Officer Laurie Whitbread, shot down and killed in September 1940; and two survivors I was privileged to meet, Squadron Leaders Geoffrey Wellum and Tony Iveson, to whom the book is dedicated. Their stories sit within a narrative that outlines the forces they were up against, the equipment and tactics they employed and how the combat unfolded. I’ve also tried to highlight the historic importance of the Battle. 

The current circumstances have made it difficult for me to publicise the book through some of my usual channels, such as my talks, so I'd be grateful if you felt able to pass details of the book to anyone you think might be interested.

Best wishes for your continued good health in these difficult times, Ron (Ron Powell, Writer and Public Speaker)