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Locating a Trophy

Author : Treasurer
Date : 04/03/2020 01:34
Celia Lewis trophy

Locating a Trophy

My name is Celia Lewis a Wood Sculptress for many years from Winterslow near Salisbury and in 1987 I was commissioned by the late Group Captain David Green(I presume on behalf of The Spitfire Society) to create a trophy from an original Spitfire propeller. He had seen my work at various shows and decided to entrust me with the project. 

I was informed that the trophy would be an annual award for the RAF fighter pilot and an article in the local newspaper at that time reported that the trophy was 'being presented by The Spitfire Society to the RAF's No.11 Group.....for best results in air to air gunnery'.The newspaper article went on to say that the propeller had apparently 'been found in an antique shop by the son of Don Healey'. 

Photos are attached. I would  firstly' like to  ascertain if it is still being awarded and if so, whether I might see it again. Secondly, if it is not being awarded (which seems likely), then I would like to know where it is as,in my opinion and given its heritage, it deserves to be on display, perhaps in a museum. 

I am hoping that someone reading this may have some knowledge of the trophy and its where abouts. 

My thanks in advance for any information. Please contact me through treasurer@spitfiresociety.org